We are the largest supplier and manufacture of steam boiler and kettles in India.We have two type of steam boilers first of them are single tube steam boiler that can produce energy from 100 kg per hour to 800 kg per hour you can use this type of same boiler in your hotel and restaurant businesses.We also manufacturer dual tune steam boiler that can produce energy from 800 kg per hour to 1500 kg per hour. this type of steam boiler are most commonly used in industrial purposes for example a pharma business, textile business and jaggery manufacturing.


A wide range of Steam boilers

Kettles for all industry

Jaggery manufacturing


GCI PVT LTD is specializes in steam boiler manufacturing, but over the years we have undertaken a number of projects in industrial work. We are a flexible team with expertise in all aspects of steam work.


No need to load water again and again.Water is filled in it during fitting itself which last for 5 to 6 years.


It takes only 23 kg of wood to make 100 liters of milk mawa khova.


Only 13 kg of wood is required to make rasgulla of 100 litre milk.


You can save upTO 50 to 60% of fuel and up to 70% of your time making stuff related to your business.

To prepare rasgulla of 100 litre milk it required only 13 kg of dry wood and to prepare paneer from 100 liter milk it require only 3 kg of dry wood.

You can save up to 95% of water according to the industry you are working in.

It required only 7.8 kilogram of dry wood as fuel to prepare mawa.