gci specializes in steam boiler work but boasts a wide portfolio covering also industrial and residential projects.


Industrial use

We also manufacturer dual tune steam boiler that can produce energy from 800 kg per hour to 1500 kg per hour. this type of steam boiler are most commonly used in industrial purposes for example a pharma business, textile business and jaggery manufacturing.


Restaurants unit

We have two type of steam boilers first of them are single tube steam boiler that can produce energy from 100 kg per hour to 800 kg per hour you can use this type of same boiler in your hotel and restaurant businesses.


Commercial kettles

We manufacture all type of kettles first of them are mawa/khowa kettles that are used in hotel and restaurant business where you can prepare all your sweets with our steam kettles.


industrial kettles

We provide a wide range in industrial kettles where you can use these kettles in your pharma business, textile business or jaggery business.

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